Cost-effective Ways to Get Rid of Garden Waste

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Having a house with a garden is on the list of many property seekers today because a garden makes any home appear more attractive. Also, it makes you feel closer to nature and it can be a great spot to relax and entertain. But maintaining a garden is not always fun, especially if you need to spend hours every week watering your plants, cutting the grass and etc. Things get tougher in the spring when the garden needs to be tended – a task that always leads to a huge heap of garden waste. Hiring a skip or a professional rubbish removal company is the best way to handle the situation because this option is:

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Reliable

However, it can also be expensive. The good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can greatly decrease your garden waste removal costs.

Reuse it

Why throw something away when you can reuse it? Most of the rubbish in your garden can be turned into compost. Such is the case with old and dry flowers, grass cuttings, straw and etc. You can place these items into a separate bin or a large container and turn them into compost material which you can reuse in your garden. The only problem is that for this to happen you will need to wait for a few months. Also, compost containers will take up some extra space in your home garden.

Make your pile of waste look small

Flower GardenGreen waste which cannot be reused will have to be collected by a licensed rubbish clearance firm. The cost of such services often depends on the size of your waste. Therefore, try to make your garden rubbish look smaller and neater by cutting the big branches into tiny pieces, for example. Use this strategy for all other large pieces of junk and your will effectively reduce the amount of space which your garden rubbish is taking up.

Move your garden waste closer to the road

Rubbish collection specialists are paid by the hour. That means that the longer it takes them to complete a waste removal job the more money their client will need to spend. You can easily save a good sum of money by speeding up the junk hauling process. To make that possible, place the waste into garbage bags and put them close to the door or the road on the day of the scheduled rubbish removal visitation.

Separate recyclable from nonrecyclable materials

Some professional junk collectors may charge you for having to sort through your green waste to find if there are any recyclable items. If you want to avoid such a fee, just make a habit out of collecting your garden waste into separate bags or containers based on whether the materials are recyclable or nonrecyclable. The green rubbish that can be recycled includes leaves, grass, weeds and tiny branches. Everything else, like soil, plastic bags, furniture and bricks, cannot be recycled and it should go into a different bin.

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