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Plastic Recycling

“Mommy, mommy, what’s robbish?” The mother looked puzzled at the kid. “Our teacher said she used to throw the robbish away when she was a kid.” “Aha, you mean rubbish. I will do my best to explain. You know these things we collect at home and put in the colourful bins to be recycled.” The little girl nodded. “Well. More or less this is rubbish.”

Don’t you wish to be able to have this conversation one day? To live in a world free of disposed plastic bags or paper waste? You do. Then the answer is easyrecycle. Almost anything can be recycled and turned into something useful and beautiful. And we can live in a cleaner and healthier environment.

What we can do at home

But in order to do so we need not only to talk green but act green. This does not mean launching some grandiose recycle campaigns or you becoming a hermit living without electricity and running water. Sometimes it is really very simple. Grow into the habit to separate your rubbish at home. Turn it into a game or a competition between the family members – let’s see who will collect more paper waste this week or whose pile of waste plastic is heavier. You can even download a recycle chart from the internet and stick it on the fridge to facilitate all household members. Or if your day is too busy to separate all the rubbish, choose something small that can be easily collected and recycled afterwards – like plastic bottle caps or beer cans. Try not to waste food. If there were too many left-overs of the family-sized pizza you ordered last time, consider buying a smaller one next time.

Get some professional assistance

Plastic RecyclingAnd if you are cleaning your garage or basement the chances are that you will find yourself faced with piles of junk – old boxes, broken pieces of furniture or even that old CD-player of yours. Now it’s time to think of its proper disposal. Contact a junk removal company that is eco-friendly and will offer responsible disposal. The employees of such companies are usually fond of recycling themselves and will be happy to offer you some free advice on how to separate your rubbish, so that it can be utilized in the best way. They can suggest some disposal practices that are actually eco-friendly – like composting for example. But the most important thing is that once they remove your waste, they will ensure to recycle and/or donate everything possible. Some companies will even publish reports on their websites to see how much junk was collected and how it was disposed of. So, you end up clean. And clean means not only that you got a clean garage but also a clean mind. Well done!

And once you master your rubbish disposal and recycling techniques perhaps you would like to move to the next level reducing pollution by creating less rubbish. A simple idea we are all too well familiar with but just never find the time to implement, like stop using plastic bags and replace them by paper ones or even better with a home-made patchwork from your old jeans. Buy a beautiful thermo coffee cup and ask the nice barista at the local coffee shop to pour your coffee there instead into a disposable cup. You can also use cloth instead of paper napkins; read news or fashion articles online rather than buy newspapers or magazines; use rechargeable batteries; or even better – go hiking instead of tuning into a couch potato during the weekend. Thus you will double score again – reduce electricity consumption and feel healthier, happier and younger, while closer to nature.

Don’t you feel a bit greener now?

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