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Going on a vacation somewhere exotic near the seaside is a fantastic idea. People hate doing it for just a few days and usually prefer staying for at least a week. This is all good except for the fact that you are likely getting bored on the 3rd day of the vacation. It is not just you- everybody feels this way during their vacation. It is just that you get into a repetitive cycle juggling between visits to the beach, meals and lying at the pool. In the evening people usually go out for a walk but that is pretty much it. Even if you are a young and energetic group doing a lot of partying you will eventually get tired of these monotonous activities and start hating your vacation. The only energetic group which never gets tired is the one doing professional rubbish removals. Good professionals are always focused and clocked in. But even they need vacations.

This is why most resorts have numerous companies offering extra excursions during your stay. There are usually some interesting areas nearby or historic sites which you would not otherwise visit and now you have an excellent opportunity to do exactly that. In fact your own operator is likely to offer such trips. Getting them from a third party organisation on the street will perhaps end up being cheaper but you can never be sure whether they are licensed at all. You are also not guaranteed that their vehicles or vessels are licensed and secure. If your own travel agency is in charge, you also take advantage of the fact that your insurance is good while you are on their boats or busses. Yes you will spend a little more money but it will be well worth it. Make sure you listen closely the next time you book a vacation to Hawaii because you might miss the part about the little trips and thus skip seeing some breathtaking areas or landmarks.

Trip AgencyA great thing to go for are boat trips. Most seaside resorts have islands nearby or areas reachable only by water which are worth visiting. Such trips are usually a full day thing. You are perhaps also getting food and drinks depending on how much you pay. There will be different package deals similar to these of removal companies. You get to pick a mini, midi or maxi deal similar to what removal companies offer in terms of service packages and the refreshments you are entitled to increase in number and volume but the price does the same as well. The best part is that you are not going to miss your day at the beach. This is due to the fact that these boats usually have one or two extra decks full of sunbeds for passengers to sunbathe before reaching their destination. Many times part of the schedule of such a trip is actually lying on a beach somewhere for an hour. This is simply a great perk to have planned in your excursion. It allows you to get off the vessel for a short time and enjoy a beach somewhere, usually on an island which is not crowded and there are no concrete buildings crammed. As you pass through or next to landmarks your tour guide will provide you with information and fun facts thus making it a learning experience also. This is especially true for the Mediterranean zone which is rich in the history department. If you have a chance to stay at a Greek, Turkish or Cyprus beach resort, please do so. You will have plenty of opportunities to look around the area nearby. There are old towns, monasteries, rock engravings, iconic islands, legendary caves and plenty of exotic wildlife. And let us not forget fun. One boat trip in Turkey takes you along the River Dalyan where you have the chance of seeing real sea turtles. They can grow pretty large in size and are just very impressive. But that is not all. Towards the end of the tour people are allowed to enter a mud pool. They get covered in medicinal mud which is naturally obtained and get to even play in it. Then as it dries out it makes you feel like a statue before eventually you wash it off. It is simply a very nice little touch to your excursion and is great fun for the whole family. Just don’t forget to take:

  • Water
  • Flip flops
  • Towels
  • Sun screen

YachtYou can also venture some Greek islands and go to places where great kings and mythical creatures have set foot. Such a place is Rhodes, the island where one of the Seven Wonders of the World used to be. The Rhodes’ Colossus is not there anymore as it was demolished but the island is just a great place to visit. It will take less than a day for a round trip.

One thing worth noting here are the safety measures. Most Mediterranean countries are not exactly concerned with instructing and in informing passengers how to act in the event of an emergency. There are not a lot of checks too. All of this, however, contributes to a quicker organisation and less waiting. Tourists are happy as there is less tension. If you are in the UK or USA for example you are likely going through scanners prior to boarding a ferry. Then you will be told regarding safety equipment and will be forbidden to do a ton of things while on board. This often leads to unrest and long lines thus making visitors miserable. You can decide for yourself which approach is better. Maybe a middle ground can be found.

If you want to stay on land you can do bus tours during your vacation. The Barcelona area has many resorts with fantastic beaches and if you happen to be there, visiting the city for a day should be included in your plans. You might even need more time for Barcelona but at least make sure you get a feel of it. Many Equatorial resorts have jeep safaris. They basically take you to the nearby hill for a bumpy ride. Feel free to skip it.


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