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Living and working in clutter takes up your space and your energy. Turning around in your chair in your office and knocking something over is an indicator that you need to take action and declutter. Decreased accessibility to the items you need decreases your efficiency and motivation. Since you spend a lot of time in your office, it is important to have a good work space in both physical and mental sense.

Following are few simple tips on how to declutter your work space and keep it decluttered.

  • Empty the space

The first thing you should do when decluttering is to take everything out from the room. Now, you can start with cleaning. Clean the walls, paint them if necessary, vacuum and do anything else that will make the room clean and fresh.

  • Be realistic

When decluttering, you need to look at items in a realistic way. Only this way you can say whether you really need certain items or you don’t. Try to be objective and determine which items and furniture pieces and unnecessary and only taking up the space. Is that bookshelf really necessary? Do you have too many desks? Large pieces usually are the main culprits for the clutter so think about what needs to go.

  • Be a minimalist

Office Clearance AdviceWhen decluttering, make sure you keep only necessities in the office, and not the items you use once a week or once a month. This is a key to successful decluttering. You can store these items and keep them close to the office. If you need those additional items, bring them back into the office and after you finish using them, return them back to the storage. Get rid of all the items you do not use and need any more. If you have large furniture you don’t need any more and need to get rid of it or any other office items, you can hire a professional junk removal company to help you dispose of them properly. Rubbish Removals London has the best staff who are experienced and efficient in providing excellent service to all clients who need help with removing junk from their offices.

  • Find a proper place for each item

After you decide what to bring back into the office, you need to think about where to put those items. You need to find a place for each item and place them strategically so that you maximize the amount of floor and desk space, and have everything at hand. This move will drastically change the appearance of the office and create a positive and productive place for work.

  • Declutter regularly

Once you are done with decluttering, maintain that condition and don’t end up in the same hectic situation again. But, we all know that it is impossible to keep everything at the same place forever, so in time you will probably have those unnecessary items around the office. That is not a big deal as long as you make a commitment that you will declutter regularly. You can find few minutes every day or once a week to keep the place uncluttered and clean.

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