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When it comes to the planet we live on, do we actually have to be reminded to preserve our natural resources and do our part for the environment? Some of us might feel overwhelmed by constant pressure, but it is really that simple. Just do your part and relax. If you are not able to do donate funds to save the planet, you can do small steps that will mean a lot. Each of us can do our part starting in our households. We can start with a proper rubbish removal and moderate usage of energy and natural resources. Check out the following tips and do your share. Each of us can contribute.

Place mirrors in your rooms

Did you know that you can use your mirrors to utilize the natural lightning in your household in order to reduce energy? Just place them on strategic places and you will achieve your goal. Correct positioning of the mirrors will provide the illusion of increased space. If you place one near an indoor plant, it will act like a window and the plant will have better conditions for growth. Not to mention it will add greenery to your room.

Recycle dryer heat

Wall mirrorUsually, dryer heat is wasted by being pumped out and vented from our houses. We do not recycle our dryer heat but we should because there are ways to do so, and it has significant benefits. You can buy a dryer vent converter, which will conduct the heat from the dryer back to your house. This is a smart way to reduce your energy bill and keep your home worm during cold winter months. But, you should know that recycled dryer heat is not appropriate for all homes due to its moist feature. If you have moisture issues in your home or mould problems, recycling dryer heat is not an option for you. If, on the other hand, you have dry static air inside, added moisture is more than a good thing.

Make your own dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are designed to soften our clothes during the washing process and remove static from our dryer. But, after we use them, we don’t need them anymore and we throw them away. However, there are ways to create our own sheet, which will cost less and is eco-friendly. You can use an old sock and put approximately 2 spoons of liquid fabric softener. After you pour it on the sock, make sure the sock evenly soaks the softener. The sock will act the same as the dryer sheets, only the sock is reusable. Not only you will save money and energy, but you will save resources needed to produce dryer sheets and prevent waste by not having to throw them away.

There are always ways to save energy by reusing and recycling. You should never throw away things you can reuse. Once you get used to reusing and recycling, it will become natural to pay more attention to our environment and saving in general.

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