Amazing Leaf Removal Hacks You Should Try

by Joanna Burns    November 14, 2018

There is something beautiful about autumn leaves. Maybe that is because they are one of the few sources of colour and radiance during one of the gloomiest, rainiest and cloudiest seasons of the year – the fall. But there is a very specific moment in which those same pretty autumn leaves turn into a nuisance – when they start to fall off all around your garden or backyard. Collecting fallen leaves can be an annoying and time-consuming task. To help you turn things around in your favour, we will present you with several brilliant hacks that will turn you into a leaf removal champion who knows:

  • Why it is important to remove the leaves from your garden
  • When to collect the leaves
  • How to collect them
  • What to do with all those autumn leaves

With the right tools, knowledge and attitude, you will master the next few hacks in no time.

The importance of leaf removal in the fall

Why even bother collecting the dead leaves from your backyard if that part of your property will soon be covered in snow anyways? That is something many people are wondering. Unfortunately, if you want to maintain your garden in good condition, you must not skip this task. The leaves on your lawn prevent the grass in your backyard to get the sunlight it so desperately needs. Large leaf piles can also block air from getting to the soil which won’t do any good to the plants and flowers you are planning to plant next year. The worst bit is that fallen leaves can lead to the formation of moss. The latter can take over your backyard in a matter of days.

Best time to collect the leaves

Not every day makes a good leaf removal day. If the weather outside is rainy and the soil is wet, you will spend at least twice the amount of time you normally need to complete this job. What is more, wet leaves are heavier which means that you will also need to deal with a great workload… quite literary at that. So, pick a day that is sunny and dry.

Best ways to collect fall leaves in your garden

One of the worst things about autumn leaves removal is that you need to do it every few days as trees do not shed their leafy coat overnight. This is a gradual process that takes weeks. Luckily, you can make things easier, faster and even more fun.

Make it fun – Recruit your children

Kids love to play in the autumn leaves which is why you should not hesitate to ask them to give you a hand every now and then. By doing so you will not only wrap up this task in a speedier manner but you will also get to spend some time together playing and joking around outside.

Make it easy – Use a rake

If you still do not have a rake in your garden shed, buy one now! Collecting leaves by hand is a torture. Don’t do that to yourself.

Make it fast – Mow or blow

To speed things up, use a leaf blower or a lawnmower. Both will work fantastically and help you to swiftly complete this chore without much of an effort. These machines do cost more than a rake but the investment is worth it.

What do to with all those leaves?

You can add the collected leaves to your compost pile or you can decompose them and turn them into leaf mould. The latter can be used as a nutrient for your soil. But both processes require a lot of time and preparation. For the busiest and most impatient of you, a fast garden clearance in London will probably make a better solution.

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