Amazing Mantel Designs

by Joanna Burns    May 26, 2014

The character of a fireplace is determined by the mantel that surrounds it. If you have recently installed a fireplace in your living room and now you are having a hard time choosing the most appropriate mantel style keep reading because we will present to you four very interesting and unorthodox mantel designs.

  1. Greek/Roman style- As you have already guessed this style involves ancient columns. Simply flank your fireplace with plain white Greek or Roman columns. The mantel itself should represent an ancient Roman or Greek fresco on which are carved good looking men that either are fighting mythological creatures or are wooing beautiful women.
  2. Double pleasure- This is one of the most popular designs nowadays. Before you surround your fireplace with a mantel, mount a flat screen above the fireplace. This way your fireplace will not only provide you warmth during the winter but entertainment as well. Once done place a traditional wooden mantel around the fireplace. At the finishing touch by framing the flat screen in a wooden frame that mimics the style of the mantel. This will create the illusion that your fireplace has a built-in TV.
  3. Stone mantel- You have for sure seen backyard fireplaces that are made out of stone. So why don’t you bring this type of mantel inside and incorporate it on your living room fireplace. This will give a more natural ambience to your living room and will for sure facilitate the mantel cleaning as stone is an easy to clean material. If stone is too expensive for your mantel budget you can substitute it with brick.
  4. Stone and wood design- This is an amazing mantel design that will surely add a sophisticated touch to your living room. Begin by building a stone step in front of the fireplace and then flank the fireplace with stone columns. Cover the wall above the fireplace with stone pieces. Now add a wooden mantel on the stoned wall and place a wooden surface on the stoned step.

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