How to convert a spare room into a kid’s playroom

In today’s article we will show you how you can turn your basement into a safe and amusing children playground.

kids-playroom-junkBegin by repainting the walls, as plain white walls are simply said boring. Use vivid colors that will give a more playful mood to the room and that will provoke the creativity and imagination of your children. Once you have repainted the walls choose a wall and repaint its middle section with blackboard paint. This is a special paint that converts an ordinary wall into a blackboard. When the paint has dried mount a wooden fame around it and voila your children’s playroom will have a blackboard on which your kids will be able to draw, write and even do their homework.

On the floor place a wall to wall carpet that will protect your children from falls and bumps. When you have placed the carpet, furnish the room with soft chairs and install a ball pool in the middle of the room, if the room is big enough. Also make sure that you place at least one desk on which you kids can draw, read, write, study and so on.

Along the walls hang shelves and arrange numerous children books on the shelves. Also underneath the shelves arrange plastic storage containers in which you will store your children’s toys. Try to explain to your children that they should place their toys in the containers once they are done playing. This will develop their hygiene and cleaning habits.

End the conversion process by placing a television in the room. This way your children will have their own television where they can play video games, listen to music and watch their favorite cartoons and TV shows.

Once the playroom is done hire a removal company that provides rubbish removals to come and clean the accumulated rubbish. You must use professional clearance & disposal specialists because for one you will be too tired to clean and two you will want to ensure that the room is 100% clean before you allow your children to enter. You can find numerous rubbish clearance companies in the rubbish removals section of the yellow pages. However do not hire the first company that provides junk hauling, instead scout several firms and hire the one that offer the best clearance services at the best prices.

Once the rubbish is cleared and the room is clean, call you kids and show them their playroom.

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