It’s Spring Office Clearance Time!

by Joanna Burns    May 15, 2019

We all know that spring cleaning is an old tradition that is observed all over the world. But what about spring office clearance? This is a relatively new trend among forward-thinking companies and it makes a lot of sense. Tossing away the junk that has accumulated in the office during the last 365 days will:

  • Make your employees more productive
  • Save you time and effort if you decide to relocate your business
  • Turn your workplace into a safe place
  • Impress both partners and clients

Spring is the ideal season to get this job done – days are longer, the weather is warmer and you are working at full capacity since no one is daydreaming about their summer vacation.

Easier to move

The first stage of every relocation is decluttering. So, if you get rid of all the junk at your workplace on an annual basis, you will always be one step ahead if you need to move your business to a different location. You can go straight to the second stage of the planning process – finding an equipped and insured man with a van or booking an entire team of qualified movers.

Keep your team productive

Working in a cluttered office can be incredibly distracting. Without it, your staff is guaranteed to be much more productive. If not, they will at least have no excuse not to be.

Make a good impression on clients and partners

By getting rid of broken equipment and furniture and piles of paper waste, you will make your workspace look very neat, clean and organised. And an organised office is more likely to make a positive impression on your new and current clients, as well as on your business partners. It will show them that you and your team always have control over the situation and a very responsible and professional attitude towards the work you do.

A safer workplace

Imagine that someone, be it an employee or a customer, trips in some of that clutter! The company may need to go to court for that. No junk means fewer workplace hazards. Plus, a spring-time office clearance will enable you to inspect the condition of all the furniture and equipment and see if some of them need to be replaced.

How to do a spring office clearance?

Start by booking a flexible office clearance service in London. Many of the things you decide to dispose of, such as outdated computers or chairs with worn-out upholstery may easily be sold. If not, they can be donated to schools or families in need. By placing these items in a reliable storage facility, you will get more time to find them new owners. The next step is to start digitalizing documents and files accumulated during the last one year. Hopefully, this is already a common practice in your company. If not, now is a good time to open up to it. Last, but not least, ask your employees to banish clutter from their personal workspace too by clearing up any unnecessary items on their desk or in their drawer. A result-oriented spring-time office rubbish removal should always be a joint effort.

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