Old clothes and furniture? Here’s how to get rid of those

Old Furniture

When you live at one and the same place for an extended period of time, you are more than likely to accumulate a vast quantity of unnecessary items. Among those, outdated furniture, clothes that no longer fit you or are simply out of fashion, and broken down appliances take up the most space and tend to create clutter. And clutter, as we all know very well, is the enemy of the comfortable home. There are a number of ways in which you can get rid of all those unwanted occupants of your house. Here are some of the most efficient among those.

The quick and pain-free method

If you do not want to spend hours at a time collecting and disposing of junk piling on your property, there is a very stress-less way in which you can get the job done. Just see which licensed house clearance company in London operates in your area – for example Rubbish Removals London – and call them to come and collect the pieces you want to get rid of. Some of the main benefits of hiring professionals for the job include:

  • They will come at a day and time that best fits you
  • They will employ tested methods and tools in order to swiftly and efficiently remove all junk from your property
  • Traditionally they hold permissions to all depots around the capital, which means that disposal and recycling are not going to be a problem either

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure

Even if you find no use for the furniture, appliances and clothes that you will be disposing of, this does not mean that someone else would feel the same way. So, you can create an inventory list of everything that you will be getting rid of and then call a couple of friends – or post on social media – to ask if they want any of those things.

Old FurnitureOr, once the aforementioned inventory is ready, you can just try selling some of the things – at least those that are still in a good enough shape. Garage sales used to be pretty popular up until recently, but we are currently living in an age when everything can be done much easier online. There are tons of websites where people search for or sell all sorts of things. There is really no reason why you should not make a little bit of money out of the whole deal, right?

Last but not least, donating is a very important option that you can consider. Schools and other institutions working with children are always happy to accept old computers the kids can learn to work with basic programs. The nearby homeless shelter or orphanage will definitely accept your old clothes, given that they can still be worn. You can find a place to give even your furniture away if you look hard enough. If you want to get rid of your unnecessary items and accumulate some good karma, donating is definitely the way to go.

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