Signs That You Need to Throw Away Your Mattress

Old mattresses

Everything has an expiry date and so does your mattress. That is also true for mattresses which have not been used heavily and for those that are maintained in a spotless condition. People who sleep on an old mattress that is in desperate need to be sent to the landfill are exposed to a number of risks. A mattress that is no longer in a good condition can greatly harm your:

  • Body posture
  • Overall health
  • Goodnight sleep

If you are not sure whether your own mattress needs to be replaced with a new one, you should learn to read a few signs.

Lumpy bed

If your mattress is covered in lumps, it is high time for you to head to the furniture store. Even if the lumps are not evident and you can only feel them when you sit or lay down on the bed, you will still need to dispose of the mattress. If you do not do that, the quality of your sleep with get worse by the day and you will always wake up tired.

Lack of proper support

A good mattress needs to provide an equal support for your entire body. Therefore, if you feel that your head or your lower body, for instance, are dipping into the bed, you will definitely need to get another mattress. Don’t postpone that because it may cause great harm to your back.

Waking up with back pains every day

Speaking of your back, if you wake up with an annoying back pain every single morning, blame the mattress. Lumps or no lumps, consider investing in a brand-new mattress now because if the pain becomes chronic you will struggle to fall asleep at night. What is more, you may even get a poor body posture and a poor body alignment.

You have developed an allergy or asthma

Have you mysteriously developed an allergy or asthma? There is a chance that your mattress may be responsible for that, especially if it has not been replaced or cleaned (or both) in a very long time. There are various microorganisms and bacteria that live even in the most properly maintained mattresses out there. To name a few, dust mites, allergens, fungus and bed bugs all love to hide in people’s mattresses.

Last mattress shopping was ages ago

Those of you who have not replaced their mattress for over a decade, must waste no time and buy a new one today. Most mattresses can last somewhere between 5-10 years and we doubt that yours is an exception.

What to do with your old mattress

There is really no point in reusing, giving away or selling your old mattress. It is wisest if you simply throw it away by hiring a reliable company that offers professional furniture removals in London. This is an eco-friendly solution since your mattress will be properly collected by vetted rubbish removal experts, safely transported with equipped rubbish trucks and quickly disposed of at a specially designated spot. In the meantime, you can get to your local furniture store and pick a new mattress for your bed.

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