Six easy to grow plants that rookie gardeners can take care after with ease

So you have bought a house with a nice backyard which you want to convert into a garden. However you are a total rookie in the world of gardening and you are not sure what plants you should select. Down bellow we have listed six species that are ideal for rookie gardeners because they are easy to grow and maintain.

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  1. Hostas – the only difficult thing about hostas is selecting the exact species that you wish to have in your garden. The truth is that their variety is immense. There are countless types of hostas and all of them have their own charm. Hostas are colorful plants that are easy to grow plants and that like shady areas.
  2. Daylilies – these beautiful flowers are very easy to grow and they provide colorful blooms for a longer period of time. However even when they are not flourishing they still provide amazing hues of green which will enhance the beauty of your garden.
  3. Black-eyed Susan – these flowers are very resilient and can be grown in almost any type of soil. They bloom late in the summer or in the early autumn and when they do they provide the garden with a rich yellow color.
  4. Lamb’s ear – these plants have unique foliage that provides an excellent background to the more colorful flower and plants. The best thing about lamb’s ear is that it is a very enduring plant that requires little maintenance.
  5. Mint – the variety of mint plants is immense. The best thing about it is that it grows as easily as weed. But unlike weed it provides a lush green setting. To prevent mint from overgrowing and spreading throughout your entire garden, plant it in metal containers.
  6. Sedum – also known as Stonecrop, Sedum is a beautiful plan with amazing ornamental leaves. The plant is very easy to grow and it thrives in dry soil. In fact the only thing that can cause the sedum to die is excessively wet soil.

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