Sustainable Home during the Summer – It’s Possible

by Joanna Burns    July 4, 2018

If you would like to spend less money maintaining your home comfortable in the hottest days of summer, get the most out of the pleasant sunny days and warm starry nights, and last, but not least – just live domestic life the way it is supposed to – you are going to find the following strategies useful.

Less is more


As a rule of thumb, the fewer unnecessary possessions you accumulate at your property, the easier it would be to keep clutter at bay. Clutter causes stress, and it can make a home more uncomfortable than it should and could be. Summer is a good time to remove old clothes, broken furniture and outdated appliances from your property and improving its qualities in terms of Feng shui. In addition to simply throwing those stuff away, you can donate usable items and even sell them online for a small profit. In case your property feels too cluttered for you to manage it on your own, you can always fall back to the services of a certified house clearance company in London that offers comprehensive waste collection solutions. Why sweat over the tedious task of removing rubbish when you can delegate the task to trained professionals?

Caption: Saving water is important, especially in summer

Water preservation is vital

Staying hydrated when temperatures start rising is very important but keeping track of the amount of water your household is spending is also crucial. Here are several handy and pleasant ways to reduce the consumption of water in one’s home:

  • Bathing togetherspecialists suggest that taking showers together with your partner not only increases intimacy and is beneficial for the relationship but it also dramatically decreases the amount of water wasted. You will be killing two birds with one stone if you follow this tip.

  • Watering the garden – do it either early in the morning or in the evening, when evaporation levels are low.

  • Use the dishwasher – modern washing machines are designed in such a fashion as to actually use less water to get the same amount of work done as when you are doing the dishes the old-fashioned way, hunched over the sink. By employing the power of modern technology, you will also be saving a lot of physical energy and, as we all know very well, exhaustion is something you should avoid in the summer heat.

Tips for general maintenance

Ensuring that the property’s insulation is in order before your fire up the AC is very important. Good insulation does not let warm air inside the house so easily and it prevents the cooled one from escaping.

Since we have mentioned the AC, changing its filters will not only guarantee that it works more effectively and more efficiently but it will also improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home.

Last, but not least, summer can be a stormy season, so cleaning the gutters can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Do not wait for a disaster to happen and be prepared for the showering rains in advance.

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