Teaching Kids to Recycle at Home

by Joanna Burns    June 13, 2018

Children are the future and it is important that we teach them to be aware of the environment and help save our planet. Teaching them to be eco-friendly is simple because children are very interested in helping the earth be a better place. They care about plants, animals and the environment and it is up to us to encourage them to make small but significant steps towards saving our planet. We can start by teaching them to recycle at home. Here are a few simple and effective tips on how to teach kids to be responsible and recycle at home.

Teach them to sort out recyclables

Install a recycling bin in a place that is easily accessible and teach your kids which items can be recycled and which cannot. They will be thrilled after they learn this skill because they will love sorting and counting recyclable items through the process.

Talk about pollution and the importance of recycling

Talk to your kids about recycling and its importance for the environment. Appeal to their sensitive soul and they will be more than happy to contribute. After they realise that animals, plants and other humans are endangered by pollution, they will understand that our choices have a greater impact than they thought.

Use recyclables for school projects

Teach your kids that they can reuse toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, old milk cartons and other recyclables to create unique masterpieces for their art classes, for example. They can also make:

  • Toys;

  • Robots;

  • Telescopes;

  • Musical instruments;

  • House appliances, etc.;

Let them give reign to their imagination and think of other recyclables to use. You can always search for some craft ideas online.

Be a good example for your kids

If you recycle, your kids will follow your example. It is known that kids do everything their parents do because it is the only kind of behaviour familiar to them. So, if you want them to reuse old paper, you have to do it yourself. Otherwise, you cannot expect them to practice something you don’t do yourself.

Visit a local recycling centre

Stopping by a local recycling centre can be educational and motivational as well. Next time you decide to drop off some recyclables you both collected, take your kids with you and let them see how the actual process goes. Can you picture the surprise and joy on their faces after they get some money from the bottle returns? If a recycling centre is far from your house, you can hire a professional and reputable house clearance company in London that will take care of recyclable items for you. Ask polite technicians to share with your child some basic information on recyclables and the importance of waste clearance.

In conclusion

Helping your kids to create recycling habits will make a huge difference to how they will handle waste and preserve natural resources in the future. Children will recycle if they are taught to do so. Just try to make the time to focus on this matter and the results will shock you.

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