The Greenest Ways to Get Rid of Old Office Equipment

It is no secret that most offices tend to be quite wasteful. If you and your team have the habit of producing several copies for all the documents you have to handle or you are a big fan of sticky notes to such an extent that your desk is covered in them, then you too are working in a wasteful office. You can easily reduce the amount of junk you produce by:

  • Using digital storage solutions
  • Stick to black and white printing
  • Organise more video conferences
  • Rely on emails when you want to send memos to your staff
  • Invest in second-hand furniture
  • Make use of natural lighting as much as you can

What about the waste you have already produced? How can you get rid of your office equipment in an environmentally friendly manner? Desktop computers, printers, copying machines and other office tech can cause serious harm to the environment when their disposal is not handled properly. But with this guide, you will eliminate such risks.

Return it

One of the easiest and fastest ways to free your office of all the old and broken equipment is by returning everything. Some manufacturers are dedicated to ensuring that their products do not add to the already serious waste disposal problem which our planet has. That is why they will happily take back their outdated machines and appliances. Some stores do that too. Hopefully, you still keep your receipts and your warranties so that you can make this process a little smoother.


Not all your old office equipment can be recycled but things like shredders, laptops and even printer cartridges can. Therefore, find a local recycling facility which is licensed to deal with commercial waste and transport the recyclables to its nearest office.

Ask a waste removal company to dispose of it for you

The above-mentioned idea is a very environmentally-conscious thing to do. However, it can be time and resource-consuming since you will have to collect and deliver all your old tech to a recycling facility. But first, you will need to find one such facility and see whether they can help you. If you don’t have the time for all of that, rely on a speedy and safe office clearance service in London. In that way, your junk will be collected by equipped and vetted pros who will transfer it to a recycling company. If some of your office equipment cannot be recycled, the rubbish removal company will transport it to a designated junk depot.

Give it away

If some of your old computers, monitors, copiers etc. are still in a decent working condition, consider donating them to a local school or to families in need who live nearby. There are plenty of charity organisations that accept such donations and can distribute them properly, making sure that they get a second life and reach those who need such equipment the most.

It is time to get rid of all the old equipment in your office and now that you know how to do that in a green way, you and your team can serve as an example to other businesses in your industry.

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