Unwanted Dead or Alive: Most Thrown Away Items

by Joanna Burns    November 28, 2018

Experienced rubbish removal teams are equipped, licensed and trained to collect a long list of materials and junk. They have large rubbish collection trucks and work together with local recycling facilities and junk depots. Therefore, they will be able to help you regardless of whether you wish to dispose of:

  • Items made of rubber, plastic, paper, metal, glass, etc.
  • Waste that is bulky and heavy
  • Lightweight junk
  • Special types of rubbish (builders waste, non-recyclables, old electronics)
  • A big pile of everyday waste (newspapers, clothes and more)

The only thing professional junk collectors in the UK are unable to pick up and dispose of are hazardous waste items because, by law, those are handled by local councils. And yet, most people who use waste disposal services usually need to get rid of one of the following unwanted items.

Mattresses and sofas

These two items have one very important thing in common – they can be very hard to clean. So hard, that most people simply prefer to replace their old mattress or living room sofa with a new one. Also, these it can be tricky to move a mattress or a sofa when relocating to a new home. The former can easily lose its shape and the latter is simply too heavy. Plus, your old mattress may not be a good fit for your new bed. The same goes for sofas – their dimensions may not be a good match for your new home.

Old carpet and rugs

The problem with rugs and carpets is that even when they are regularly vacuumed, they tend to retain smell, pet hair and built-up dust. That is why when people move into a new office or house, they start renovating it by replacing the carpeting first.

Cardboard boxes

Although there are various smartly designed storage furniture pieces out there, it is still easier and cheaper to toss items that you rarely use into a random cardboard box. For that reason, most people have generated quite the collection of cardboard boxes in their closet, loft or garage, often without even realising it. When they do realise the scope of the issue, they start to look for a trusted junk removals service in London.


Office furniture and equipment

Companies who want to make a good first impression on their clients and partners, make sure to always maintain their offices not simply clean and well-organised but also filled with latest-generation equipment and contemporary furniture and interior design solutions. To keep up appearances, businesses are forced to update their office equipment and furniture more often than necessary.

Garden waste

Having a backyard or a garden means that you have your very own outdoor area where you can relax and rest. The downside is that you also need to deal with a lot of garden wastefallen leaves, broken wicker chairs, grass cuttings, twigs, etc. Luckily, many reliable waste clearance companies offer garden waste services.

Broken refrigerators

The presence of refrigerators on this list does not imply that this type of domestic appliances is the most likely to break down beyond repair. The reason why this item is among the list of most unwanted simply has to do with the fact that it contains chemicals. As a result, it needs to be handled and disposed of in a very special way. That is why most people prefer to leave this hefty and responsible task to the professionals.

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