Zero Waste Living – Is It Possible?

Waste on grass

We have all heard the stories about people who haven’t produced trash in years. But, how did they do that? Well, it is a process and it requires a lot of effort, dedication and time. It doesn’t just happen overnight. If you expect instant results, chances are you will be very disappointed. Zero waste life can become your lifestyle but it will take time. Here are few things to consider if you are interested in drastically reducing your domestic rubbish.

Find your motives

Before you decide to take some action toward your zero waste life, you will need a reason or reasons behind your decision. These reasons will keep you going as they will be your source of motivation. Whether it is something work related or you are fed up with all that trash and plastic waste in your rivers and oceans, you will know what your motivation is.

Check your trash

Waste on grassIf you really want a zero waste life, you will need to dig through your trash to find out where you are making a lot of household waste. It is recommended to start with the toughest part, which is focusing on the major sources of your waste. If you have several sources to your waste, create steps towards prioritising them. You goal is to focus on one source at a time, which will make you more efficient. For example, if you see a lot of to-go coffee cups and a lot of take-out containers in your trash, you need to stop with that and make your own drinks and meals at home. Make sure you use reusable dishware. This will help you produce zero waste in that area.

Make a good use of the stuff you own

Don’t you think that buying an item and then throwing it away unused is wasteful? Of course it is. Perhaps you throw away some of your makeup even though you can still use it and there is nothing wrong with it, only to replace it with some new things. Once you stop doing this, you will realize all the benefits of not doing it. You have probably spent an arm and leg for that makeup so why not using it until it runs out completely? By doing this, you will save money on buying an item you don’t really need yet, and you will reduce the waste along the way.

What to do with some of your trash

Zero waste life is your goal, and that means preventing waste ending up in landfills. Therefore, don’t throw your items away immediately. Think about what you can do with them first. You can reuse some of the items, like using old jars for storing your spices. Make a compost pile. Recycle all recyclables. Donate some of the items to charity or give them to your friends. You need to have a bigger picture and come up with smart ways to maximise your contribution. And remember, zero waste life is a process. The most important thing is to start and keep trying. The results will come eventually and all the hard work will pay off.

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