It hardly comes as a surprise that things with homes tend to get messy on occasion all across London and the vicinity. For Londoners, it is never too difficult to book the appropriate service they may need at any one moment. If you are running your business and want to go with an excellent & reliable office clearance in London, this is quite easy to arrange! However, this hardly exhausts the lists of options you have when it comes to having a trustworthy rubbish removal or junk removal turn up at your property and offer to assist you.  London dwellers definitely know how to spot a good company when they see it, but other things help telling the consummate professionals from the rest.


Waste on grass

We have all heard the stories about people who haven’t produced trash in years. But, how did they do that? Well, it is a process and it requires a lot of effort, dedication and time. It doesn’t just happen overnight. If you expect instant results, chances are you will be very disappointed. Zero waste life can become your lifestyle but it will take time. Here are few things to consider if you are interested in drastically reducing your domestic rubbish. (more…)

Money stacks

When it comes to waste removal, before choosing the right garbage collection service provider, you need to ask around and do a research in order to find the best that will suit your needs. Some providers offer recycling service for free, along with free receptacles, while other will charge you. You will just see the extra charge on your monthly bill. However, you can avoid hiring unprofessional waste removal provider by simply doing your homework and doing a thorough research. Additionally, with the right waste disposal service, you will have all the necessary information to avoid high fines for improper waste disposal. Finally, some effort and dedication on your side and you are good to go. (more…)

Hazardous sign

Humans pile up more waste today than ever before. But, when it comes to hazardous waste that contains toxic chemicals, radiations, or heavy metals, we have to be put more effort in disposing of it correctly. Any product that has a label on it that says: toxic, poison, warning, flammable, and other, is not supposed to be in your garbage bin. The reason why these items have to be disposed in a certain way is because they are huge water and soil contaminators. Products like batteries, fire extinguishers, insect repellents, prescription drugs, paints, and others are hazardous products and they should be disposed properly. (more…)

Huge pile of junk

Tons of our rubbish we produce daily is in the landfills. We produce so much of it that it is a global problem where to put all of it since we are running out of the places! We have to do something to address these issues. Luckily, each and every one of us can make their contribution and take action in order to reduce the rubbish. (more…)

Recycling bins

It is estimated that more than 43% of all the collected waste in the United Kingdom is recycled, broken down or used for compost. What is more, household recycling in the country has increased by more than 230% only during the first decade of the 21st century. Municipalities in the UK throw a great deal of money and effort into recycling. But household recycling is like a coin – it has two sides. It comes with both benefits and downsides and now we will explore each of the sides of this coin. (more…)

A high-rise block of flats

Living in a high-rise flat has its pros and cons. If you are lucky, you will enjoy a stunning view and lots of different amenities. The main downsides of living in such a building include noise, little privacy and the lack of a garden or any outdoor space. Things can get even more challenging if you decide to declutter your high-rise home. If you are planning to get rid of your old sofa, for instance, you must prepare to deal with:

  • Narrow corridors;
  • Full lifts;
  • Angry neighbours;


Garden Tools

Keeping a nice small vegetable or flower garden still requires quite a bit of time. One of the biggest problems for homeowners is maintaining their gardens clutter and waste-free. So, here are some basic tips that can help you achieve the results that you are hoping for, without investing too much of your time or energy into the process. (more…)

Old Furniture

When you live at one and the same place for an extended period of time, you are more than likely to accumulate a vast quantity of unnecessary items. Among those, outdated furniture, clothes that no longer fit you or are simply out of fashion, and broken down appliances take up the most space and tend to create clutter. And clutter, as we all know very well, is the enemy of the comfortable home. There are a number of ways in which you can get rid of all those unwanted occupants of your house. Here are some of the most efficient among those. (more…)

Old mattresses

Everything has an expiry date and so does your mattress. That is also true for mattresses which have not been used heavily and for those that are maintained in a spotless condition. People who sleep on an old mattress that is in desperate need to be sent to the landfill are exposed to a number of risks. A mattress that is no longer in a good condition can greatly harm your:

  • Body posture
  • Overall health
  • Goodnight sleep