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No matter how much you pride yourself on your organisational skills and your ability to keep your home neat and tidy at all times, know that no one is immune to clutter. For example, let’s say that you just came back from your summer vacation. You probably have a pile of newspapers and magazines you are yet to go through and which you are likely to sit in the middle of your living room at least for the next few days. In most of the cases, however, clutter is not the problem. The actual problem is the way we deal with clutter. Some people have adopted a very poor strategy when it comes to that and instead of getting rid of the all the mess they:

  • Become attached to it
  • Simply ignore it
  • Embrace it as part of their quirky personality
  • Try to cover it up

Here are some of the worst ways in which you can deal with clutter… or shall we say NOT deal with clutter.

Come to like it

Whatever you do, do not get attached to clutter. The second that happens, you will be one step closer to becoming a hoarder. Don’t nurture sentimental feelings towards junk and simply toss all the mess away. Try to adopt a minimalistic way of thinking and get rid of all the things you do not need or use. That will not only free up more space in your home but it may even help you make some money if you manage to sell your unwanted items.

Let it pile up

One of the most common reasons why people decide to use a comprehensive house clearance service in London is that they have allowed for the clutter to accumulate over a very long period of time. Don’t make that mistake. Even if there is just one piece of junk in your house, throw it away now. Clutter has the incredible power to attract more clutter. So, before you know it, this one piece of junk can turn into a giant pile of rubbish. To forge this habit, you can use a simple anti-procrastination strategy – if a task will take you less than 2 minutes to do it, do it now instead of leaving it for later.

Think that it is a sign of ingenuity

There are different researches which claim that clutter is a sign of genius. Even Freud had similar views since he believed that the lack of clutter in one’s home means that the person has a cluttered and chaotic mind. Even if that is true, the fact remains that clutter will always be aesthetically unappealing. Plus, it acts like a big magnet for pests. So, instead of acting like a genius, make an effort and just tidy up.

Try to hide it

We have all done it. Some of your friends show up at your door out of the blue and you try to hide the dirty dishes in the oven or cover your unmade bed under a thick blanket. That, however, is only a temporary solution. Even if you are very good at hiding your clutter, at some point this trick will stop working for you.

If we have one real responsibility towards ourselves and our family, that’s to preserve our health. While we have little to no control over the environment outside, everyone can keep their home in a condition that is actually healthy and comfortable, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the home.


It is no secret that most offices tend to be quite wasteful. If you and your team have the habit of producing several copies for all the documents you have to handle or you are a big fan of sticky notes to such an extent that your desk is covered in them, then you too are working in a wasteful office. You can easily reduce the amount of junk you produce by:


The UK imposes hefty fines on property owners who fail to properly manage and dispose of their waste. But what if you are a tenant? Well, you still have several responsibilities in that department. For example, you should get rid of the waste you produce in a law-abiding and eco-friendly manner. But since the property is not owned by the tenants who live in it, landlords’ list of waste responsibilities is naturally longer. No matter whether you are living in a rented home or you are renting out a flat or a house in England, you should familiarise yourself with your rights, as well as with your responsibilities when it comes to waste management. Some of the main waste responsibilities which every landlord in the country has include:


If you would like to spend less money maintaining your home comfortable in the hottest days of summer, get the most out of the pleasant sunny days and warm starry nights, and last, but not least – just live domestic life the way it is supposed to – you are going to find the following strategies useful.


Children are the future and it is important that we teach them to be aware of the environment and help save our planet. Teaching them to be eco-friendly is simple because children are very interested in helping the earth be a better place. They care about plants, animals and the environment and it is up to us to encourage them to make small but significant steps towards saving our planet. We can start by teaching them to recycle at home. Here are a few simple and effective tips on how to teach kids to be responsible and recycle at home.


London ranks among the world’s greenest cities. Nearly half of the metropolis’ territory is covered with green open spaces among which are an estimated 3.8 million private gardens. If you too are among the lucky Londoners who have their own garden or a backyard, you can try composting… that is if you still haven’t done that. That practice comes with many benefits and it is one of the best and greenest ways to get rid of organic waste such as:


Having a child can change your whole life because it turns your routine upside-down and it gives you a brand-new perspective on things. But at one point you may look around and realise that your house looks more like a kindergarten or a playground rather than a home. Yes, babies may be very small in size but they somehow have the amazing ability to take over an entire house. You may need to declutter your property from some of the baby stuff in it if:


Nice weather means only one thing: enjoying fresh air, soaking in the sun and resting your eyes outside among nature. Yes, soon it will be summertime; the best time for picnics. You will want to go to the beach, park or woods and have a great time, where you can energize and rest. But, is it possible to make your picnic waste-free? Well, taking care of our environment should always be our priority but it is not possible to enjoy our time outside if we are surrounded by waste. Just like you do your best to keep your home clutter and waste-free by using professional house clearance services in London, for example, you should also protect the environment. We bring you few simple and yet efficient ideas on how to make your picnic zero waste.